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Are you crazy? Isn't Africa dangerous?
Crazy? Maybe. But all the "greats" were crazy. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box. We know this is extreme. But guess what: it's worth it. And it's not really that bad. Parts of Africa may be dangerous, but so are parts of every continent and country. The real world is much less scary than the one portrayed on TV or in the news. Actually, the people we've met abroad have been very hospitable. We're confident that we will be safe. We've done our research, we've gotten our shots and we promise not to protest governments or purposefully break any laws, enter any known conflict zones, or try to pet the lions.

How does this actually give people clean water?
Walking4Water is actively raising funds for charity: water, which works on sustainable, community-based methods to provide access to CLEAN, SAFE water in the developing world. This walk calls attention to the need for clean water and shows the powerful impact that a clean water project can have on a community. We hope to inspire people to get involved in this very important cause.

Why clean water?
Check out our page that explains the clean water crisis.

What will you drink? What will you eat?
When in Rome, do as the Romans do. We are buying food locally to support local businesses. We also have vitamins and protein bar supplements to make sure we stay fully nourished. We're drinking water that has been purified (to the best of our ability). We will miss peanut butter and hamburgers, though.

Where will you sleep?
Anywhere and everywhere! We have camping gear so we can set up anywhere, even the side of the road! We are also active Couchsurfers. If you are a Couchsurfer too, please be our friend!. Additionally we plan on visiting many different humanitarian and relief-based organizations, staying with them and helping out however possible.

How long will this take?
We estimate that it will take about two years. We started walking January 18, 2012 and plan on finishing by New Year's Day 2014. The total distance is 7000 miles, which means if we walked 20 miles every day with no breaks, we would be done in about a year. We're NOT doing that. We'll take our time, meet people, see and experience life, and report back to you all the exciting stories along the way.

What is the best way to contact you in Africa?
We will be checking our email as much as possible. Feel free to contact us that way. If it is an emergency, please contact Emily Bauer.