Get a Speaker Now
Do you want someone to come speak to your groups about poverty, the clean water crisis, what Walking4Water is doing and what YOU can do to help? We have a few speakers available for your group while our walking team is en route. Please send the following information to info@walking4water.org:

Pricing depends on your location and our availability.

UK Tour

Immediately following the trek, the Walking4Water walking team will be travelling to the UK to share their experiences. Be the first to hear their once-in-a-lifetime stories, see pictures, and ask questions in person! We are setting up a 10-day speaking tour in the UK. You really don't want to miss this. Learn more about the Walking4Water UK Tour

US Tour

For all our faithful friends and followers from the US, we are excited to return and share our experiences with you! Make sure you tell us to visit YOUR city as we plan a whirlwind tour to kick off when we return. Learn more about the US tour.