Clean Water Is The First Step

We are extremely grateful for the incredible individuals, companies, churches, and musicians that have supported us! Please check them out to learn more!


Listed are donations and pledges for the 2012 fiscal year. Thanks again to all of our wonderful donors.

PARTNERS ($1000+)
Emily & Jesse Bauer*
David & Jeanne Palleschi
Danielle Paventi*
Amy & Jeff Van Putten*
Lawrence Wright

Gregg & Shelley Bauer*
Jeffrey Ettinger
Sara Van Putten
Michael Robillard
Charles & Joanne Russell
Deborah & Herb Tharp

Matthew Bauer*
Kim & Lyle Cashman
Steve Dube
Holly Kress*
Kirsten Monson*
Ernie & Karyn Smith
Marty Yoder


Anonymous (3)
Brett & Clara Adams
Lillian & Ray Bair
Jayne Bartkowski Pearson
Christa Beall Diefenbach
James & Tamara Bourque
Kathlee Bottaro
Sheree Brouillette
Charles Bubeck
Lois Coleman
Laurene D’Aversa
Stacey Giguere
Phillip Hakanson
Katherine Hesselbach
Andy & Holly Hood
Diana Hossain
Lucy Hurston
Preston & Christine Irish
Anthony & Theresa Janeczek
Marcia Jehnings
Rene Jensen
Kristin Jodoin
Martin Keibel
Cathy King
Shannon Kirkpatrick Nance Kriscenski

Anna May
Donna McCorma
Pamela & Terence McManus
T.C. Milner-Harlee
Rachael Mintell
Russell Miserendino
Margaret Moriarty
Evelyn Ni
Jonathan Morris
Maura O’Connor
Lindsey Pelletier
Barbara Place
Todd Porter
Jeff Queensbury
Sandra Rimetz
Francine Rosselli-Navarra
Jason Scappaticci
Carolin Schoeller
Florence & Peter Sheils
Jana Sime
Roger & Susan Vacek
Donna Waldron
Peter & Gloria Wu
Jean Wynn
Jeffrey Yenor
Mary Young

* Denotes monthly supporters


We have had a few really great faith communities stand behind us for this cause. Please visit their websites to learn more.

Trinity Covenant Church : Manchester, CT
Lord of Life Lutheran Church: Tabernacle, New Jersey
First Covenant Church: Omaha, NE
Crosswinds Community Church: Bloomington, IL



We have had some great hostels and B&B’s donate beds and facilities to us as we have been traveling. Please check out their websites to learn more about them and the services they offer!


We’re big music fans. And we LOVE it when we can partner with bands and musicians. Check these guys out!

Thanks again to everyone who makes this project possible.