Africa walk


Text messages from the walking team to the support team enabled Walking4Water to update this map as Amy and Aaron walked. You can click on each map point to see what they were thinking/feeling/experiencing in different locations!


Latest location:
Aug 2, leave Addis Ababa to come back home.
July 14, decision to come home.
July 7, Hagere Maryam, Ethiopia.
June 25, Return to Ethiopian border to continue walking.
June 10, Moyale, Kenya. On the road 499 days and 4570km (2840 miles) to go.

May 8, Isiolo, Kenya. Sign of the day: “Nazareth Sisters Jesus, Mary, Joseph nomadic rehab clinic.” Think will they cure me of my tendency to wander all over the world?

May 1, Thika, Kenya. Many times Aaaron and Amy break out of their assigned gender roles, but today Aaron let the boys punch him while the girls played with Amy’s hair.

Apr 10, Namanga, Kenya. On the road 433 days and 5488 km (3410 miles) to go.

Other points
Mar 27, Babati, Tanzania. 5745 km (3508 miles)to go.

Feb 6, Ipinda, Tanzania. On the road 371 days and 5189 km (3224 miles). 6314 km (3923 miles)to go.

Oct 27,Gorongosa, Mozambique. On the road 268 days and 3536 km (2197 miles)

Oct 12, Team sidetracked to Beira. Amy contracted malaria.

Aug 28, team heads back to Maputo to sell LandRover and let Marty return home.

Team decides to change their route because of leftover roadside bombs in northern Mozambique, the team will cut inland head up through Malawi.

Feb 2, begin walking.

Jan 22, arrive in Capetown, South Africa